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  1. Frisk !

    Frisk !Пре 18 сати

    That's my acc id in my bs acc

  2. Виктор Н.

    Виктор Н.Пре 18 сати

    The kid : im 12,6 k trophies im the best player! Me on 22 k trophies : laughing like an idiot

  3. NM64 // idiot Productions

    NM64 // idiot ProductionsПре 18 сати

    No no no wrong title kids say: "SUPERCELL GIVE ME CROW 😡😡🤬"

  4. Yui Uchiyama

    Yui UchiyamaПре 19 сати

    What if Rico is a human?

  5. Just a Emo 91

    Just a Emo 91Пре 20 сати


  6. Williamhng Plays

    Williamhng PlaysПре 20 сати

    8:20 *Me who teams with them and then backstab them as soon as they get close*

  7. sharp teeth

    sharp teethПре 20 сати

    1:06 i know that guy!



    ıs amazıng

  9. ackira

    ackiraПре 20 сати

    Jacky like carl

  10. • Hazeł-Møønlıght •

    • Hazeł-Møønlıght •Пре 20 сати

    2:12 Thats me

  11. Blacksword5934

    Blacksword5934Пре 20 сати

    The way he talks its cringy

  12. Puppet OYUNDA

    Puppet OYUNDAПре 21 сат

    Sad part is these kids right about gem stuff :D

  13. r al

    r alПре 21 сат

    Im a kid but, i understand how idiotic my kind is.

  14. crewmate cocodacoconut

    crewmate cocodacoconutПре 21 сат

    I used code cory i buyed a big box and i got amber! Thats "hot" :) pls heart

  15. Jake Mertents #2

    Jake Mertents #2Пре 21 сат

    4:00 rude sand?

  16. Jasem Mohammad Khader

    Jasem Mohammad KhaderПре 21 сат

    I have an idea for meme review 123 " U want something fun and free? Come and watch meme review 123."

  17. Zolyn Goi

    Zolyn GoiПре 22 сата

    Hmmm you have spells? Let me see! I'll take meme review 123

  18. Space Ox Gaming

    Space Ox GamingПре 23 сата

    Do you keep losing, dont worry, here's meme 140 Wait... its not 140 yet... WELP GUESSILL JUST RECOMMENT IT ON MEME REWIEW 139

  19. Deathwatch Brawl Stars

    Deathwatch Brawl StarsПре 23 сата

    He should use gadget ! ^_^

  20. Chrysean Dela cruz

    Chrysean Dela cruzПре 23 сата

    Shelly go brrrrrrr

  21. Chrysean Dela cruz

    Chrysean Dela cruzПре дан

    Just the thumbnail......

  22. Kerem Özlü

    Kerem ÖzlüПре дан

    Kid: All I want is Edgar Me: Wait that’s illegal

  23. ChaosstormYT

    ChaosstormYTПре дан

    intro: more memes for you and me. its meme review 123

  24. pUr PEl guR l

    pUr PEl guR lПре дан

    That one meme: *Spongebob meme template about looking for team feature and the challenge* Me: *Trying to get a teammate in the challenge and takes a hour*

  25. Hk4l MV

    Hk4l MVПре дан

    3:34 masyaallah

  26. Blizzard Mask

    Blizzard MaskПре дан

    I did evry Time The 1:18 quest

  27. Laxustroy

    LaxustroyПре дан

    best part is the intro sike

  28. Ojas Kumar

    Ojas KumarПре дан

    "9 year olds lose and they go scream ree!!, we'll get to see such memes in meme review 123!!"

  29. Element ZX

    Element ZXПре дан

    Bill rUsseLL

  30. Idiot

    IdiotПре дан

    Tbh I hate how surge hp was nerfed:(

  31. Vincent Deronaxel

    Vincent DeronaxelПре дан

    i love collete's voice but i dont like the brawler itself

  32. Optimal Tactics

    Optimal TacticsПре дан

    I killed a lot with poco

  33. Xander Sprangers

    Xander SprangersПре дан

    Somthing you've never seen before? Meme review 124

  34. Zolx

    ZolxПре дан

    Fact: the meme in the thumbnail isn't in the video

  35. Collette Master 123

    Collette Master 123Пре дан

    3:50 now this is what I call perfection

  36. Amiz

    AmizПре дан

    Supercell: Brawl Talk + New Update! What players hear: *NEW GLITCHES + EXOPILOTS*

  37. John Carlo Dela Merced

    John Carlo Dela MercedПре дан

    1:04 no thats nulls brawls

  38. John Carlo Dela Merced

    John Carlo Dela MercedПре дан

    Answer to title: yes just yes😍

  39. Nura

    NuraПре дан

    9:52 that aged well

  40. Alicotimes2

    Alicotimes2Пре дан

    *Coach cory jumps on chair* Coach cory: OMG U didnt see me, Iam as fast as MAX but boy version maybe like her brother ? WAIT she has a brother !? But we all know what MAX likes so her brother likes it too, incase u didnt know its meme review ... Can U do this on any of your meme review pls ?

  41. anita raju

    anita rajuПре дан

    Cory: 10 things kids say Cory son: dad am I joke to you🙄😂 Cory : sike😉😉😂😂😂😂

  42. The Rydsker

    The RydskerПре дан

    “Just join the CCCC, It’s free like meme review 123”

  43. Cactus2936

    Cactus2936Пре дан

    I just realized that cory predict the future!!! (Go watch top plays of brawl star 76 at the minute 7:08) HE SAYS TICK NEEDS A SHILED GADGET, THE GODS OF BRAWL STARS HEARD HIM!!!

  44. monali mandli

    monali mandliПре дан


  45. Matt Sloan

    Matt SloanПре дан

    Cory has said honestly though 57 times this video :)

  46. Yoda's Account

    Yoda's AccountПре дан

    2:30 they predicted D4RRY1?!

  47. Cartman CartGuy

    Cartman CartGuyПре дан

    I actually didn’t get affected by the Edgar thing it was around when he first came out too like an hour after so I’m confused

  48. ツFlyingPigeon

    ツFlyingPigeonПре дан

    I got matched with a shelly at 200 trophies while I was playing mort at 700 trophies and the Shelly had 1k overall trophies;-;

  49. electro vine

    electro vineПре дан

    i cant believe this i have been unlucky i wanna get colette but later on i decided to enter code cory and i got amber now OwO

  50. Aryan Shadangi

    Aryan ShadangiПре дан

    Where can i submit the screenshot of the tweet ? I have a tweet of a hilarious kid too

  51. Brad Teng

    Brad TengПре дан

    I'm a f2p and I bought the lunar pin pack. dude just save your gems

  52. 5E05 Chiu Yue CHUNG

    5E05 Chiu Yue CHUNGПре дан

    Double Swoosh clone was a good map

  53. Mavric Jacob

    Mavric JacobПре дан

    lol the thumbnail and the number

  54. Ethan Ong

    Ethan OngПре дан

    Imagine Bull with infinite ammos O_O.