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  1. Minimum

    MinimumПре 9 сати

    0:31 I love that Mortis pin

  2. Rohaan Ali

    Rohaan AliПре 9 сати

    What was the intro I laughed so hard that legends say I’m still 😂

  3. Селещук Софія 9-А

    Селещук Софія 9-АПре 10 сати

    Love Kairos' head

  4. Heba Aljumaili

    Heba AljumailiПре 10 сати

    Spiiiike nooooooo!!

  5. Jayceon Williams

    Jayceon WilliamsПре 10 сати

    dude 69+69=138 😳😳😳

  6. Danil

    DanilПре 10 сати

    Бравл старс говно

  7. Hallo Plays

    Hallo PlaysПре 10 сати

    The intro made me cringeeeeeeeeeeeee


    LAHF TANREOSПре 10 сати

    Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh 🤣🤣

  9. Mr Shaheer

    Mr ShaheerПре 10 сати

    I loved the INTRO!!!

  10. Ivana Sykorova

    Ivana SykorovaПре 10 сати

    "Oh my god am I late?Yeah it's meme review 138."

  11. Shahriar Mahmud

    Shahriar MahmudПре 10 сати

    What an intro! Damnn

  12. ur local stupid guy

    ur local stupid guyПре 10 сати

    That intro was scarier than season 3 trailer

  13. Daniel Lu

    Daniel LuПре 11 сати

    I still remember meme review 15 me and my sister was urging for meme review 16 to come out

  14. Itz Another Mr Lelin

    Itz Another Mr LelinПре 11 сати

    make a channel just have meme review will be great

  15. Flame the Ultimate Gamer

    Flame the Ultimate GamerПре 11 сати

    Everybody gangsta every one in star park is coach cory except that kairos head

  16. QansargamingYT

    QansargamingYTПре 11 сати

    1:34 What? Siege is Easy!

  17. Daniel K

    Daniel KПре 11 сати

    Mum: seeing me play brawl stars Also mum: can you Pause this?

  18. Milan Zelic

    Milan ZelicПре 11 сати

    Intro: You want to lose some weight, well now is too late, but here is something to give you fate, Meme review 138.

  19. Luka Mijajlovic

    Luka MijajlovicПре 11 сати

    I am a poco main and yeah that's how we look

  20. Jack

    JackПре 11 сати

    Coach Corys' go brrrrrrrrr

  21. Elena Stativă

    Elena StativăПре 11 сати

    siege haz come in map maker but not in comunity map maker so sad

  22. sojanuc

    sojanucПре 11 сати

    thank therealwaseem for the intro and one fact he is a kairostime fan XD

  23. Zelphaar

    ZelphaarПре 11 сати

    Intro Idea: Feeling hungry because you haven't ate? Well you don't need food its Meme Review 138!

  24. Yenndo-Bendo Says hello

    Yenndo-Bendo Says helloПре 11 сати

    I want Ryan back

  25. LaFMothaNNotFoundッ

    LaFMothaNNotFoundッПре 11 сати

    9:45 Soooooo ur telling me that edgar and Colete are GAY?

  26. Samuel Lai

    Samuel LaiПре 12 сати

    Anybody look away from the intro as you know what you're gonna see?

  27. mare matser

    mare matserПре 12 сати

    rosa vs you: 7/10

  28. Anish Reddy

    Anish ReddyПре 12 сати

    cory - lootcakes is only in us me in india- :( vpn- fine ill do it myself

  29. my name is name

    my name is nameПре 12 сати

    3:27 and then the bird misclicked on the 30 gems and advance to the next tier button and that guy was f2p

  30. GlacxyPokemon

    GlacxyPokemonПре 12 сати

    Petition for Cory to keep the intro for all the other meme reviews

  31. Ivan Lim

    Ivan LimПре 12 сати

    That intro was pure goodness

  32. twix Supreme

    twix SupremeПре 12 сати


  33. DearLife GameYT

    DearLife GameYTПре 12 сати

    İntro İs Cursed

  34. Maxko Edits

    Maxko EditsПре 12 сати

    Yeah thats me 5:33

  35. Hary Challagaly

    Hary ChallagalyПре 12 сати

    A new Community manager witch replaced the mamager that is in TopRate is........... Me:MEME REVIEW 138?!?!?!?! Supacell: uhhh no

  36. Hary Challagaly

    Hary ChallagalyПре 12 сати


  37. Muhammad Zaheen

    Muhammad ZaheenПре 12 сати

    Horror cory

  38. Im Tanzanite

    Im TanzaniteПре 13 сати

    That was the best into ever like haha 😆

  39. Brawl Boy

    Brawl BoyПре 13 сати

    Game on is Cory’s raid shadow legends ad

  40. Nikolina Španovic

    Nikolina ŠpanovicПре 13 сати

    the best one yet i think

  41. Mariska Kiel

    Mariska KielПре 13 сати


  42. Friendly Gamers

    Friendly GamersПре 13 сати

    Next you will say that it was a JoJo reference

  43. kappa neviem

    kappa neviemПре 13 сати

    1:49 9yo kids be like: NEW BRAWLER LEAKED

  44. Hivenous

    HivenousПре 13 сати

    “Do you not enjoy the memes?”-cory Me:I do , I really really do ♥️ 💋 💍

  45. Mohammed Sowwan

    Mohammed SowwanПре 13 сати

    The picture of sqeaq Is cute and adorable 😀😀😀

  46. bursuc 3

    bursuc 3Пре 13 сати


  47. Scagical Master

    Scagical MasterПре 13 сати

    0:15 lol you lost already!

  48. Gaming With M

    Gaming With MПре 13 сати

    Fun fact : he didnt find the tune so he did this 😭

  49. Smokexiz

    SmokexizПре 13 сати

    That intro is so cursed i want to unsee that

  50. MiistY

    MiistYПре 13 сати


  51. Adi rocks gaming

    Adi rocks gamingПре 13 сати

    Brawl memes everywhere caz it’s meme review 138. (Intro rhyme song idea)

  52. Somnath Dutta

    Somnath DuttaПре 13 сати


  53. David Le

    David LeПре 13 сати

    cory park

  54. jelly blob

    jelly blobПре 14 сати

    i cant wait to become nine so i can make troll maps

  55. Somnath Dutta

    Somnath DuttaПре 14 сати

    Best intro ever

  56. Scagical Master

    Scagical MasterПре 14 сати

    Yes it's great, it's not your fate it's meme review 138


    DEEPANSHU KUMARПре 14 сати

    Supwr funny intro ever .🤣🤣🤣 coach cory was the invester in star park 🤣🤣

  58. Noel Lausin

    Noel LausinПре 14 сати

    And yet it had to be a horor place

  59. Taniya Deepak

    Taniya DeepakПре 14 сати


  60. Rajubhai Patel

    Rajubhai PatelПре 14 сати

    Templete gets 9.3/10

  61. Squeak

    SqueakПре 14 сати

    coach cory u used me 2 times for ur thumbnail. I'll sue u for using my face without permission >:) XD

  62. Squeak

    SqueakПре 14 сати


  63. MiistY

    MiistYПре 14 сати


  64. Horse - BS

    Horse - BSПре 14 сати

    Intro idea : "Its Never too late to watch meme review 138

  65. Roger Eussen

    Roger EussenПре 14 сати

    funniest intro ever

  66. Mustard_ gaming

    Mustard_ gamingПре 14 сати

    We usually use cory

  67. Dioemil toh

    Dioemil tohПре 14 сати

    This intro looks like. Charlie and the chocolate factory 😂 But it's Cory and the meme review

  68. Antareep Sarkar

    Antareep SarkarПре 14 сати

    intro and outro were 😍😍

  69. A Person

    A PersonПре 14 сати

    Community when ryan leaves: :((((((((( Community when a new person replaces ryan, they one they were sad to see leave: :DDDDDDDDDDD

  70. Jashal Jebson

    Jashal JebsonПре 14 сати

    Ryan keeps saying "That's Right", because he is trapped in the Starr park mind-controlling, proof that this is true is that in the video where Paula was introduced, in the end Ryan is seen sweeping the floor, and in the monitor in the back shows a jail cell, hence proving Ryan was locked in that "Jail Cell" which is a metaphor for the agenda of Starr Park

  71. Jamie Baker

    Jamie BakerПре 14 сати

    That kairos bit at the intro got me laughing for the next 10 minutes

  72. Nik Erm

    Nik ErmПре 14 сати

    Noooooooo spike will die Collete had a gun

  73. Pink Pong

    Pink PongПре 15 сати

    🤣🤣🤣😂😂best intro and outro ever

  74. Clashing Brawler

    Clashing BrawlerПре 15 сати

    My meme didn't make it to the video.. It had 150+ upvotes :(

  75. Neil Ty

    Neil TyПре 15 сати

    I got creeped at the beginning is Cory part of spude 😅😅 Jk

  76. SP3CIFIC4L BS ツ

    SP3CIFIC4L BS ツПре 15 сати

    Oh no frank now has to grow hair

  77. Jack Dekker

    Jack DekkerПре 15 сати

    Det intro 😂🤣

  78. Jack D

    Jack DПре 15 сати

    Dani snowman =all