Dark Lord Spike is the ONE True Lord | Brawl Stars Meme Review #115

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Dark Lord Spike is the ONE True Lord | Brawl Stars Meme Review #115
Welcome to Brawl Stars Meme Review, where we review the best memes for brawl stars of the past few weeks from the brawl stars reddit. I hope you enjoy these brawl stars funny moments and fails and thanks for watching
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  1. Coach Cory - Brawl Stars

    Coach Cory - Brawl StarsПре 27 дана

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  2. Doomerang Gamer

    Doomerang GamerПре 26 дана

    I like that scrappy plush you got ther coach cory

  3. Ramsey YT

    Ramsey YTПре 26 дана

    Cory by the looks of the movie kong is ganna win

  4. im lil bread - gaming brawl stars and animations

    im lil bread - gaming brawl stars and animationsПре 26 дана

    Hey Cory can I please make some fanart of you

  5. Bilala

    BilalaПре 26 дана

    @SPAGHETTI ISALIE then where did rape come in????

  6. borhuu tseren

    borhuu tserenПре 27 дана

    I saw u dance

  7. Hughson Tan

    Hughson TanПре 4 дана

    The upgrade one is nothing to me. I have 31 unupgraded brawlers.

  8. 최성욱

    최성욱Пре 6 дана

    lol cory voice crack 1:53

  9. omar ahmed

    omar ahmedПре 7 дана

    Daaaang bull got all he women

  10. monsef amara

    monsef amaraПре 7 дана

    1:00 i feel whoever made that that's my everyday feeling my shelly is at lvl 7 waiting for me to collect 800 coins to upgade her for a month now

  11. Murt Kesr

    Murt KesrПре 8 дана

    1000 comment

  12. Tan Ricardo Ares

    Tan Ricardo AresПре 9 дана

    I don't like the chair soo I don't what it ok

  13. Nikos743x

    Nikos743xПре 9 дана

    Cory finally put a 10/10 lol

  14. Danang Saputra

    Danang SaputraПре 10 дана

    Wait is that radal's Chair?

  15. Barbara Novikova

    Barbara NovikovaПре 11 дана

    Dark version of the normal skins are better change my mind

  16. Barbara Novikova

    Barbara NovikovaПре 11 дана

    Btw when i saw 5:50 i realized that kit the removed brawler is actually dls aka dark lord spike

  17. A half life scientist

    A half life scientistПре 11 дана

    Hey, heavy! Here's some bonk, cause you're freakin' epic!

  18. A half life scientist

    A half life scientistПре 11 дана

    Was that a sticky bomb from tf2 in Spike's hand?!

  19. airulliza baharum

    airulliza baharumПре 12 дана


  20. airulliza baharum

    airulliza baharumПре 12 дана

    1:06 relate able im serios

  21. Player07_YT

    Player07_YTПре 14 дана

    Hello! I am Player07_YT my friend Ace neffex has a video of dark Lord spike walking for 2 mins and I believe somebody took it posted it on reddit and went there I command justice.

  22. Ben CC

    Ben CCПре 15 дана

    My pain is a piper killing me in close range

  23. Syntix

    SyntixПре 17 дана

    5:06 and 6:33 I know what you were searching for 👍

  24. Nana Masaleni

    Nana MasaleniПре 18 дана

    No do not know Byron if you told him to nothing I'm not subscribed anymore I am not using your star code Channel you better not tell stupid so to know Byron because I almost had him

  25. Dr_Toraniel - Gaming

    Dr_Toraniel - GamingПре 19 дана

    8:20 It is like my Idea for brawler who is very similiar to max (but was male)

  26. Dr_Toraniel - Gaming

    Dr_Toraniel - GamingПре 19 дана

    Me and my dog 5:05

  27. DarkMinez

    DarkMinezПре 19 дана

    5:04 u waited for this eh?

  28. JEZOOS Brawl Stars

    JEZOOS Brawl StarsПре 22 дана

    I h8 dark tide Carl

  29. ojaswa koirala

    ojaswa koiralaПре 22 дана

    Fact:the players which name themselves noob are better than the players that name themselves pro

  30. Zion Camilleri HE09b

    Zion Camilleri HE09bПре 22 дана


  31. Lightning Mint

    Lightning MintПре 23 дана

    Right then that's another disappointment

  32. JosueM. FIX

    JosueM. FIXПре 23 дана


  33. Iulianxx

    IulianxxПре 23 дана

    Me and my cousin used code Cory!

  34. ChampBoy

    ChampBoyПре 23 дана

    0:46 Cory can i know what music is this , i love it! (spoiler : and ur videos

  35. Qiang Lei

    Qiang LeiПре 23 дана

    where can i find the picture on the thumbnail

  36. Unknown 62

    Unknown 62Пре 23 дана

    Im simping for navigator collete

  37. Legend

    LegendПре 23 дана

    nice pjs cory

  38. Kylie Eisman-Lifschitz

    Kylie Eisman-LifschitzПре 24 дана

    the let's fiet to to was so funny and i like the video very much!!!

  39. Dragana Jelenkovic

    Dragana JelenkovicПре 24 дана

    Is it just me or did i hear DARK LORD QUORGY

  40. Kirbo

    KirboПре 24 дана

    Mom walks in Me: 0:36 Me:I can explain

  41. Luana Fernandez

    Luana FernandezПре 24 дана

    0:49 d a r k L o r d C o r y

  42. Abel Antony

    Abel AntonyПре 24 дана

    Navigator Colette: *hugs dark lord spike Dark lord spike: am I a plushi to you

  43. arvi virash

    arvi virashПре 24 дана

    I lost it at: "Now fight...pew pew pew" 😂 😂

  44. Nigel XD

    Nigel XDПре 24 дана

    Is it just me or does Cory's voice cracked a lot in this video?

  45. Hylane Mahoukou

    Hylane MahoukouПре 24 дана

    I like the part with gangstar bull. 3:02

  46. Fredrick iloegbune

    Fredrick iloegbuneПре 24 дана


  47. WreckerSmash

    WreckerSmashПре 24 дана

    if you listen closly and ur a naruto fan when he says dark lord cory there is akatsuki theme or i think pains theme one of them

  48. Kylo ren 2199 gang

    Kylo ren 2199 gangПре 24 дана

    Excuse me Me, My shadow, My shadow, My shadow & My shadow there are 4 shadows >:(

  49. Areg Muradyan

    Areg MuradyanПре 24 дана

    0:53 Naruto music huh?

  50. Twan Dalmolen

    Twan DalmolenПре 25 дана

    3:05 Bull sounds sad

  51. Yiğitreis ÇETİNKAYA

    Yiğitreis ÇETİNKAYAПре 25 дана

    5:05 LOL

  52. Jean Lukas Munizaga

    Jean Lukas MunizagaПре 25 дана

    Intro idea: if you are tired and bored go have some fun in meme review

  53. Just Afan

    Just AfanПре 25 дана

    3:02 😌

  54. DizzyEdgar

    DizzyEdgarПре 25 дана

    For meme review 116: "When memes so small you think your a bean, but no your in meme review 116!"

  55. mrbunny gamer

    mrbunny gamerПре 25 дана

    Cory u cussed

  56. rahomi_ gaming

    rahomi_ gamingПре 25 дана

    you're wearing pijamas lol

  57. The Fox Creation

    The Fox CreationПре 25 дана

    That Team Fortress 2 meme is legendary

  58. Red

    RedПре 25 дана

    8:58 but he is limited that’s why I bought him

  59. Enes can - Kavcı

    Enes can - KavcıПре 25 дана

    9:00 lets contine cry he have effects (':

  60. Master

    MasterПре 25 дана

    Coach Cory ggs I just played with u in heist I was the Colette nice playing with the real Coach Cory :))) we won btw lol

  61. Me TJ

    Me TJПре 25 дана

    I wonder if Cory accidentally made a pun there 5:31

  62. AnotherZumbie

    AnotherZumbieПре 25 дана

    day 115 of watching cereal while watching meme review

  63. Tejas Jain BrawlStars

    Tejas Jain BrawlStarsПре 25 дана

    People are so creative 👍

  64. Brick_ Burst

    Brick_ BurstПре 25 дана

    Man I feel bad for you cory, oyu dont get many subs and because of that I use code cory

  65. Will

    WillПре 25 дана

    0:30, Cory’s Siri went off lmao

  66. dean williams

    dean williamsПре 25 дана

    Dark tide carl is a dark skin for captain carl and that is a fact.🤣🤣🤣

  67. Ace Neffex

    Ace NeffexПре 25 дана

    0:50 Made the wide walking meme on it xD

  68. Елеонора Качорина

    Елеонора КачоринаПре 25 дана

    What is the name of the song in meme 2 and meme 3

  69. Елеонора Качорина

    Елеонора КачоринаПре 25 дана

    With dark lord spike

  70. Muaaz Kazia

    Muaaz KaziaПре 26 дана

    0:58 cant believe my meme came here

  71. Marion FraWa

    Marion FraWaПре 26 дана

    It’s funny how Siri activated at the start🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  72. Cjoker Da Boi

    Cjoker Da BoiПре 26 дана

    Reminder the cat is Shelly's cat, it is the same cat that Shelly has with her witch skin.

  73. Arc4d3Crus4der Studios

    Arc4d3Crus4der StudiosПре 26 дана

    Mama Tara.

  74. Scany

    ScanyПре 26 дана

    0:29 Siri woke up lol

  75. Schultz

    SchultzПре 26 дана

    3:02 bulls a true rapper

  76. Schultz

    SchultzПре 26 дана

    0:35 spick do be thick and op

  77. Kingster Playz

    Kingster PlayzПре 26 дана

    What's worse is that at the end of the pass I accidently bought hog rider carl :| Welp not getting next seasons pass

  78. Blueberry_Girl

    Blueberry_GirlПре 26 дана

    Dislikes 69 lol

  79. Leo Soto

    Leo SotoПре 26 дана

    1:38 lol 🤣

  80. Karen Primrose

    Karen PrimroseПре 26 дана

    fun fact: the thumbnail of this video has attracted many simps lol

  81. Grant Ward

    Grant WardПре 26 дана

    Bruh what is the Siri sound that comes up at the beginning


    ELLI SOURVINOUПре 26 дана

    9:01 I Bought him (w cory password i think)

  83. fury destroyer

    fury destroyerПре 26 дана

    0:50 you put pain's theme from naruto, you just made my day

  84. Mish F

    Mish FПре 26 дана

    "everyone is going to bully me cus i have capt carl!" "oh wait, i used code cory so im now a pro"

  85. King Ru1Z

    King Ru1ZПре 26 дана

    0:29 Cory says "8.7" *Siri Activates* Cory: Wait How?

  86. Bub - Brawl Stars

    Bub - Brawl StarsПре 26 дана

    We all know wasssem edited it

  87. Longcoolkiller1738

    Longcoolkiller1738Пре 26 дана

    Are we gonna get another brawler? No because it's meme review today 116

  88. Shade

    ShadeПре 26 дана

    Coach Cory:Nerf Byron Me:Nerf Edgar

  89. ItzMati124

    ItzMati124Пре 26 дана

    3:02 we need this on spotify ASAP😂😂

  90. Matias Brawl Stars

    Matias Brawl StarsПре 26 дана

    0:29 Cory:8.7 Siri: you called me

  91. Shelly

    ShellyПре 26 дана

    0:36 music name?

  92. Kijayesh

    KijayeshПре 26 дана

    0:28 Did you just activate Siri ?

  93. Nico Playz

    Nico PlayzПре 26 дана

    intro idea: memes so clean jacky can show em to gene why its meme review 116

  94. Mohammad titan

    Mohammad titanПре 26 дана

    How about you make your own skin by 40 gems

  95. Kingston Bao

    Kingston BaoПре 26 дана

    Coach Cory: 9/10 What He Really Means: 9/9

  96. VeeryBoyLol

    VeeryBoyLolПре 26 дана

    7:42 im not even joking, i literally got the beyblade shown in the picture 2 days ago. like wow

  97. Louis Playz

    Louis PlayzПре 26 дана

    Uncle Cory,your almost 300k!You can do it,keep up the NOICEE work. Btw...i use code cory🌈♥️♥️

  98. Ramsey YT

    Ramsey YTПре 26 дана

    Him flexing his chair: hahaha thx so much Me who uses my toy box as a chair

  99. Boybro Tom

    Boybro TomПре 26 дана

    what! i forgot to subscribe to you so i did

  100. 17 BHARGAV S

    17 BHARGAV SПре 26 дана

    The dark tide got his animation effect and is soo cool

  101. Brian

    BrianПре 26 дана


  102. nagasai purvaz

    nagasai purvazПре 26 дана

    Cory is dead we killed him

  103. DinoTunder 77

    DinoTunder 77Пре 26 дана

    Colette: *Hugs Spike* Me: "Wait. That's illegal!'

  104. My name is Minh

    My name is MinhПре 26 дана

    7:53 The third teamate: *sweating*

  105. Lewis Moir

    Lewis MoirПре 26 дана

    When the new brawl pass comes out i will use ur code

  106. Xenqii

    XenqiiПре 26 дана

    Why is dark lord spike so *W I D E*

  107. zeide ortega

    zeide ortegaПре 26 дана

    New "choosing map button": i am land scape :) Old brawlstars: *YOU HAVE SUMMONED US*