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Here we go over the new January Brawl Talk going over the Brawl Stars update! There is a new chromatic brawler Colonel Ruffs (and Kit?) 7 new skins, D4r-ry1, Ronin Ruffs, Space Ox Bull, Navigator Colette, Dark Lord Spike, Dark Tide Carl, and also Smooth Lou. 8 New gadgets: frank, gene, poco, mr p, nani, rosa, tara, and tick. Championship challenge is back, as well as a new esports tab. New animated pins and lunar new year pins. Thanks for watching!
#CoachCory #BrawlStars
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    LORD GAMING YTПре месец

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    Martin HerreraПре месец

    Maybe i'm the only one but i really dislike these types of videos, watching this or watching brawl talk it's literally the same thing because you're just informing us about everything, which brawl talk already does that, i loved when you gave your opinion about the things coming in the update


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