When You Play Duo Challenge with Randumbs 😰 Brawl Stars Meme Review #113

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Playing Duo Challenge with Randumbs Brawl Stars Meme Review #113
Welcome to Brawl Stars Meme Review, where we review the best memes for brawl stars of the past few weeks from the brawl stars reddit. I hope you enjoy these brawl stars funny moments and fails and thanks for watching
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  1. Coach Cory - Brawl Stars

    Coach Cory - Brawl StarsПре месец

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  2. rogue mortis

    rogue mortisПре 16 дана

    @Amber - Brawl Stars lol²

  3. :/

    :/Пре 16 дана

    3:02 I'm tired to make this

  4. Amber - Brawl Stars

    Amber - Brawl StarsПре месец

    @rogue mortis lol

  5. rogue mortis

    rogue mortisПре месец

    Hi, I'm HACKERB22015 (reddit) I'm the one who posted that crow, thanks for rating it 8.5, I have made some more cursed brawl stars real life and memes, 3:22

  6. LimeBun

    LimeBunПре месец

    Just as a remindee I still use code cory in shop

  7. Twt Edwin

    Twt EdwinПре 4 дана

    i do hve notifications on for brawl stars that remind me when i have 200 tokens available. but the thing is, my tokens never went below 160

  8. ethqn

    ethqnПре 5 дана


  9. Crow

    CrowПре 8 дана

    3:24 stop

  10. Crow

    CrowПре 8 дана

    What the hell is that plz no

  11. brick battle

    brick battleПре 13 дана

    9:34 This is fry em up A pvz youtuber and one of my favorite youtubers

  12. fancy_playz

    fancy_playzПре 24 дана

    How do u guys post a meme?

  13. fancy_playz

    fancy_playzПре 24 дана

    I have Reddit

  14. Kylo ren 2199 gang

    Kylo ren 2199 gangПре 24 дана

    Should I say what if I use da capo I heal massiv if I use solo screech I do less

  15. Time Anchorgamer

    Time AnchorgamerПре 28 дана

    Nobody gonna talk about how coach Cory gave a 10/10????!!!!???

  16. shuying shen

    shuying shenПре 29 дана

    i somehow choked on my mashed potatoes while watching this luckily they were dry and you had to put water on them so they were like 79% water any nice vid

  17. Murt Kesr

    Murt KesrПре 29 дана

    6:56 OMG my comment is turn into A meme

  18. small boi gaming

    small boi gamingПре месец

    Coach Corey just made my day worse I'm not number one thank you

  19. Adam Kalbouneh

    Adam KalbounehПре месец

    Cory : I don’t really like those heal quests only in some brawlers Me: in plays show down keeps rushing smoke gets out heals again keep doing this Also me:ITS FREE TOKENS LOL 😆

  20. Adam Kalbouneh

    Adam KalbounehПре месец

    I accidentally wrote in in the me: plays showdown......

  21. Jesse Bloomfield

    Jesse BloomfieldПре месец

    0:14 Byron's staff...

  22. Dragondude202

    Dragondude202Пре месец

    When u realise ur a random too

  23. andyutubegmail

    andyutubegmailПре месец

    5:31 and your parents?

  24. Robert andrei Bagasbas

    Robert andrei BagasbasПре месец

    3:03 yup a terminal montage meme

  25. Mega Banana

    Mega BananaПре месец

    0:53 i exacly bought this skin from shop after loosing... WHAT A COINSIDENCE

  26. Jadyn Geo

    Jadyn GeoПре месец

    For the duo challenge I lost But I got second place in a match as bull Mainly by hiding in a bush with my random teammate but still a win

  27. Rico the legend

    Rico the legendПре месец

    Me I got lucky BUT I LOST 😐😐😐😐

  28. אריאל בהט

    אריאל בהטПре месец


  29. Hurricane Say

    Hurricane SayПре месец

    Coach cory makes the best rime,he also watches reviews all the time

  30. Ajresh Gupta

    Ajresh GuptaПре месец

    Covid - your life is mine Meme review 999

  31. Assorted Flipmations

    Assorted FlipmationsПре месец

    Amazing video! I watched you since 2019 and I don’t regret it!

  32. NotAngel Roblox

    NotAngel RobloxПре месец

    Randumbs: Run dumbos

  33. CHAN HONG YU陳匡禹

    CHAN HONG YU陳匡禹Пре месец

    2:26how poco is overpowered

  34. The sir.warden

    The sir.wardenПре месец

    Wow random comments getting more likes than coach Cory’s pinned comment

  35. the meme monkey

    the meme monkeyПре месец

    My friend played the callenge of bo until the last game he was goibg to win until it got reseted and he lost

  36. MuffinzRBLX

    MuffinzRBLXПре месец

    Duo showdown challenge be like: EDGAR ONLY I also remember my teammate waiting until i spawn when there was powercubes and he took all of the powercubes when i respawn in 1 second

  37. Destimate

    DestimateПре месец

    Bro we are unable to see the bottom text please fix next time

  38. pandameme

    pandamemeПре месец

    Memes so good it's like your dream meme rewew 1 14

  39. The Gaming Birds

    The Gaming BirdsПре месец

    So is no one gonna talk about how the editor forgot to add the meme ratings in the top left?

  40. Teardrop

    TeardropПре месец

    Brawl Stars, 19:37 3 New messages from support!



    You may not have won the challenge but in 8-bit's eyes you will always be player 1

  42. Ayşem Yazı

    Ayşem YazıПре месец


  43. özlem yazi

    özlem yaziПре месец


  44. özlem yazi

    özlem yaziПре месец

    Yeni karak ter geliyor

  45. pinkboy

    pinkboyПре месец

    Cory peleas get a mic it hurts

  46. Tom Daniszewski

    Tom DaniszewskiПре месец

    Where to submit memes?

  47. Tick tack

    Tick tackПре месец

    Tick power lol

  48. Xander Sprangers

    Xander SprangersПре месец

    Somthing you have nevers seen? Meme review 114

  49. Meme lover

    Meme loverПре месец

    Where have you been it's Meme review 115

  50. TheUnsilentAssasin RBX

    TheUnsilentAssasin RBXПре месец

    3:05 wait.... did Pam just slap her own daughter

  51. 7A 40 Awaan Shaikh

    7A 40 Awaan ShaikhПре месец

    Bro I make good maps but no one votes Now I don't make I lost hopes now I made 5 map

  52. Dhruva Pansare

    Dhruva PansareПре месец

    new pewdiepie incoming ???????

  53. Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUNПре месец

    When Havoc doesn't Post as often as coach cory so u are now subbed to both

  54. Rhett Boblian

    Rhett BoblianПре месец

    Don’t click off and watch your screen because your watching meme review 114

  55. Prema MaheshBabu

    Prema MaheshBabuПре месец

    A morteen u say Never mind it's meme review 114

  56. #charkmbPRO Gaming

    #charkmbPRO GamingПре месец

    This time is during covid, keep clean, Oh by the way, it's meme review 114

  57. EliNinja 21

    EliNinja 21Пре месец

    9:15 No Carl, I'm sick of troll maps period.

  58. Rémy Radio 5

    Rémy Radio 5Пре месец

    4:09 Im a colt main but I did not like the OP silver bullet

  59. PPD 27

    PPD 27Пре месец

    Technically we are all bad ransoms for some people even thou we are good most of the time. So don’t be to harsh on randoms (except for afk ones that have 0 iq)

  60. Chicken Vomit

    Chicken VomitПре месец

    He didn't pull a join the CCCC at 5:22? Missed opportunity, but respect.

  61. Achilles

    AchillesПре месец

    Couldn’t stop laughing at 9:38 Just :no downvote 😂

  62. A B

    A BПре месец

    Wonder how a weird ass man like u has girlfriend😂

  63. Hydro PlayZZYT

    Hydro PlayZZYTПре месец

    if never heard that rating before 8/showdown be like 6:00

  64. Firestrike Playz

    Firestrike PlayzПре месец

    2:55 reminds me of the meme, call an ambulance, call an ambulance. BUT NOT FOR ME.

  65. Turtle Monster

    Turtle MonsterПре месец


  66. MLP TAH3凡几A

    MLP TAH3凡几AПре месец

    fat cory

  67. Brendan Mooney

    Brendan MooneyПре месец

    Space enviroment

  68. Brendan Mooney

    Brendan MooneyПре месец

    I know now what will be the next update

  69. kubxON 113

    kubxON 113Пре месец

    Fun Fact: *Antonio from minions looks like Edgar*

  70. Seth Bs

    Seth BsПре месец

    the first thing that came to my mind is why coach corys last 3 meme reviews have all brock thumbanails 0-0

  71. Somethings Empire

    Somethings EmpireПре месец

    I am so happy that silver bullet is nerfed


    KDODJFKПре месец

    During the challenge, randoms went afk with me, i won 4 all on my own, and lost, i lost one without even playing, i reported the bug, yet still nothing for me

  73. Hein van Voorst

    Hein van VoorstПре месец

    Book of facts: giving us an healing challenge for Byron is the same as giving us one for Brock

  74. Alberto Bernal

    Alberto BernalПре месец

    Finally watching meme review without stuffing my face with food.

  75. Cristian Delpiero

    Cristian DelpieroПре месец

    5:22 top cringe of coach cory

  76. Pedro Gamer

    Pedro GamerПре месец

    Cory ur toxic

  77. Yahya Ahmed Matloub

    Yahya Ahmed MatloubПре месец

    Wanna see a good meme? Well, hop onto meme review 114.


    MULTIVERSE -Пре месец

    I didn’t get a second chance

  79. Ali Reza

    Ali RezaПре месец

    A lot of people: we lost the challenge just because rank 3 wasn't a tie Cory: I think that's fine...

  80. Honey Bee factory

    Honey Bee factoryПре месец

    Leon:Why do u bully me im a leon Bea:Cuz u tried to kill me

  81. Fiach Desmond

    Fiach DesmondПре месец

    That bo skin isn't even the pay to win skin

  82. Miguel Bravo

    Miguel BravoПре месец

    one time i got a damage quest FOR POCO

  83. Michele Colagrossi

    Michele ColagrossiПре месец

    heres the intro of meme review of 114: Man,today is so boring,lets watch some Meme Review #114

  84. Tejas Jain BrawlStars

    Tejas Jain BrawlStarsПре месец

    Great 👍😋

  85. DarkDabing Monky

    DarkDabing MonkyПре месец

    Hey coach I just pushed my bea with you to 750 thank u so much for the help I couldnt find good randoms until I bumbed into you I was surprised that it wasn’t a fake I’m so happy lol you were playing 8-bit btw

  86. poopycob

    poopycobПре месец

    Lol I did the challenge with randoms and still won

  87. Zombie Zapper

    Zombie ZapperПре месец

    "The greatest memes you'll have ever seen, in meme review, 114"

  88. 49Wafflez

    49WafflezПре месец

    I had my volume low when i heard the intro so i thought he said *Jacky noises

  89. Savior Junior

    Savior JuniorПре месец

    Yes i do

  90. Harlica Domagas

    Harlica DomagasПре месец

    The gun but is a phone thats colts skin

  91. SAR0 VAN0

    SAR0 VAN0Пре месец

    Is this channel only memes?

  92. Gustavo Rodrigues da Silva

    Gustavo Rodrigues da SilvaПре месец

    somehow i got points in a heal quest with el primo in gem grab

  93. AE300

    AE300Пре месец

    "randumbs" LMAO XD still real

  94. E BOI

    E BOIПре месец

    Fun fact: you can do healing quests bu going to the gasses and going out at low health then wait to regen & continue the cycle

  95. Sleepz

    SleepzПре месец

    When the colt nerf was seen everybody screamed meme review 114

  96. Sleepz

    SleepzПре месец

    Who noticed that the last 2 meme reviews has brock as their thumbnail

  97. Muhammad Mujahid

    Muhammad MujahidПре месец



    LUIZ GAMER BS ツПре месец

    Ok,now get out

  99. Panoose

    PanooseПре месец


  100. Ari

    AriПре месец

    I know you like my meemes like every teen its meme review 114

  101. IacobNi10-gaming

    IacobNi10-gamingПре месец

    When u got 8 items in a mega box.......then u got gagets.........me: TRIGGERD

  102. TheLimitBreakerKid

    TheLimitBreakerKidПре месец

    No ratings in the top left corner?

  103. Roiko33

    Roiko33Пре месец

    The jessie abuse is 10/10

  104. friendly orange

    friendly orangeПре месец

    This hapend today I made 1400 me ainging "Another mega bot that i wont get nothing from" *opens it* 6 items remaining Me:YES YES I WIL FINALY GET MORTIS Me 5 seconds later >:^( I DONT WANT LEON

  105. ChickenNippsGaming

    ChickenNippsGamingПре месец

    My challenge wasn't even reset which was bullc*ap

  106. •Tøxic Midnight•

    •Tøxic Midnight•Пре месец

    I am eating tacos :')

  107. Kyirenoob

    KyirenoobПре месец

    When I play with my friend in duo challenge and he uses tick and keeps running into the poison gas Me: RANDOMS

  108. Sobha Sunny

    Sobha SunnyПре месец

    5:03 or 5:02 R.I.P EDGAR

  109. Sobha Sunny

    Sobha SunnyПре месец

    4:09 WITH 20 OR 15 POWER CUBES!

  110. Sobha Sunny

    Sobha SunnyПре месец

    R.I.P coach cory saying use creator code but use it

  111. kaya cemil tenbel

    kaya cemil tenbelПре месец

    i will press two of them