Why Colette & Edgar Are Best Friends | Brawl Stars Meme Review #122

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Why Colette & Edgar Are Best Friends | Brawl Stars Meme Review #122
Welcome to Brawl Stars Meme Review, where we review the best memes for brawl stars of the past few weeks from the brawl stars reddit. I hope you enjoy these brawl stars funny moments and fails and thanks for watching
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    The CCCC is victories

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    Im not so dab on your dad

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    just realized your verrified

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    Please see this: "Do you know a Deven? if so, let them know, that this is meme review, 127."

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    @AtlantiaYt hey in my mind it came my memes are free and its meme review 123

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    brawl stars are for kids and teens meme review number 123

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    If Barley juggled bottles with his star power, would he gain 400 health for each bottle that gets thrown?

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    Holy cow I started watching when there was only like 30 meme reviews and now 122 Just insane, keep up the good work 👏 👍

  10. zombie1293 1213

    zombie1293 1213Пре 10 сати

    Cory clickbaiting Colette and Edgar simps by putting the title as- Why Colette And Edgar Are Friends. My mind: people are evolving 😃

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    Steve GamingПре 11 сати

    Cory senpaii

  12. Paralel USyt

    Paralel USytПре 12 сати

    Why did we remove the chridtmas tree? Well don't be sad cause its time for meme review 123 (note: its been a month since christmas and i managed to maor my mom keep up the christmas tree until my bday which is in february) so relatable???

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    “The memes so much it becomes a tree,its meme rewiev 123”

  14. Williamhng Plays

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    8:20 *Me who teams with them and then backstab them as soon as they get close*

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    I have an idea for meme review 123 " U want something fun and free? Come and watch meme review 123."

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  19. pUr PEl guR l

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    That one meme: *Spongebob meme template about looking for team feature and the challenge* Me: *Trying to get a teammate in the challenge and takes a hour*

  20. Blizzard Mask

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    I did evry Time The 1:18 quest

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    best part is the intro sike

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    "9 year olds lose and they go scream ree!!, we'll get to see such memes in meme review 123!!"

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    Somthing you've never seen before? Meme review 124

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    Fact: the meme in the thumbnail isn't in the video

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    *Coach cory jumps on chair* Coach cory: OMG U didnt see me, Iam as fast as MAX but boy version maybe like her brother ? WAIT she has a brother !? But we all know what MAX likes so her brother likes it too, incase u didnt know its meme review ... Can U do this on any of your meme review pls ?

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    “Just join the CCCC, It’s free like meme review 123”

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    Cory has said honestly though 57 times this video :)

  29. ツFlyingPigeon

    ツFlyingPigeonПре дан

    I got matched with a shelly at 200 trophies while I was playing mort at 700 trophies and the Shelly had 1k overall trophies;-;

  30. electro vine

    electro vineПре дан

    i cant believe this i have been unlucky i wanna get colette but later on i decided to enter code cory and i got amber now OwO

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    jessie is dead in rico

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    Image using code Cory in the brawl stars shop This post was made by kairos gang

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    2:04 POGERS

  35. Kimmydimdimッ Gaming

    Kimmydimdimッ GamingПре дан

    Cory I have a question why aren’t you part of tribe gaming

  36. Liam Song

    Liam SongПре дан

    you become underdog and win against 900 trophy when you're 700 playing with randoms

  37. Dave Deininger

    Dave DeiningerПре дан

    You are in showdown using cornel ruffs and you get shot *panik You place down your gadget *calm It’s a penny *panik

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    Just sit down and sip some tea, Becase its time for meme review 123

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    1:20 very true

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    Cory please do this ryme for meme review 124 look memes so good you kick down the door meme review 124

  51. Avri Schorer

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    an idea 4 rico gadget: the next shot will deal like 3 of his balls and it will ump forever until it hits an enemy

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    Omg i loved that intro

  53. Joon Hwang

    Joon HwangПре дан

    I want that account

  54. AgentNinjaKiwi

    AgentNinjaKiwiПре дан

    4:54 the change is nice but now my random teammates and the ones in looking for a team are 15.000 - 17.000 and my enemies 28K - 36K. So I don’t feel the difference

  55. fank dum

    fank dumПре дан

    im 10years but bad maps hate it

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    0:06 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and there is so many of youtubers face 😂🤣😂🤣

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    My friend:i did it i killed 25 persons in brawl stars Me:cool My friend:but there was an person and he callssome one Me: 0:37

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    I don't like dark lord spike

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    'Shelly is op unlike me so watch meme review 123'

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    10:03 thanks, u/basics103 i HATE IT

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    Nobody : Cory : posted a new meme review People who saw the memes already : I am 1 step ahead of you mortal

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    Soy sauce is harmless, it won't hurt you. Dumpling Darryl: *Wanna say that again?*

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    9 year old me: *Kills Bea with a scarf* Everyone in school: Hold up! Wait a minute! Me: *Kills Bea with Edgar* *Flashbacks *

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    You might be feeling cold so you might want some heat so there you go here is meme review 123😊 MEME REVIEW INTRO IDEA

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    2:00 The four nations were Throwers = Fire Nation Support = Waterbenders Tank = Earth And Mortis = Airbender

  72. umme atia chowdhury

    umme atia chowdhuryПре 2 дана

    Coach Cory: "Yeah the team feature only worked during the championship challenge" Me who spent 10 minutes during the challenge trying to find a team with it:

  73. Marty McFly

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    Bro that intro made me laugh harder than I think it should've

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    Can you like my comment lol also I love your meme vids

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    anyone else notice that the one true lord was released EXACTLY two months after the self-proclaimed ruler of showdown?

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    Man waseem(did i spell it correctly) is so good at editing

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    4:41 this makes me feel well because I have 17 green tabs lmao

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    My map went through 2984 people played it and only 48%like it

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    El primo mean :The cousin ,now I get why 2:51

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    Barley: heals with vodka

  91. Oliver Wu

    Oliver WuПре 2 дана

    5:03 i am 14 thousand and i still get matches with like 20k+ people my team and enemy so i get HARD carried (. _. )

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    Meme review number now: meme number 122 Meme review number in the 2087: meme review number 19720

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    Gene owns Dani 5 dollars But he’s in the brawl stars universe so he owns him 5 coins (aka worthless)

  95. Muguen Melendez

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    When he was saying the matchmaking was far from perfect he said f- an ad just came on and tought he was gonna say the f word

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    This intro has never been done before in the entire history

  97. neca_33pro GAMING

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    I get like mega wins in competition map winner and -999999999 trophies in basic.

  98. Roo

    RooПре 2 дана

    for some reason i cant seem to find out what is in rico at 10:05

  99. Mastermanyop Lol

    Mastermanyop LolПре 2 дана

    I once teamed as shelly then killed them instantly

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    I tought rare was uncommon

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    Tick, dynamike, barley, sprout ... Long ago four throwers lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when Mortis attacked...

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    Manga: Gene Anime: Mr. P Then there's... Cory: 10:28

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